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Burger King

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The staff members of a Burger King outlet in Nebraska quit en masse, and left a sign outside the restaurant which read, "We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience". The incident occurred at Havelock in Nebraska. 

The employees put up the sign after they had been working in severely unhealthy working conditions. Rachael Flores, manager of Burger King stores in the area, said that the kitchen flared up to 90 degrees with no air conditioning for weeks. She also added, the "upper management" mocked her by saying that she was being "baby" after she reported the incident.

Burger King



tennis-nz-constitution,The employees were unhappy with the working conditions and alerted the top management to resolve the issue. However, it was all in vain. Rachael told CNN that she suffered from severe dehydration and was admitted to the hospital for working in such high temperatures. Furthermore, she also informed that both the outlets are severely understaffed, which resulted in 50-60 hours of work per week for her.

casino-talkies,Rachael put up the sign to jolt the upper management and did not know that the signs would go viral. She was backed by 8 other employees who faced similar issues. She along with other employees wanted to put up the sign as a protest against the Burger King management. The sign was also an apology to the customers for not being able to provide service. Rachael was asked to resign after the incident.

betfair-casino,The public sign was out down soon after it went viral on social media. The bold move prompted the top Burger King management to get in touch with Rachael to get to the core of the issue. However, the sign was changed to "Now Hiring, Flexible Schedules" soon after nine members quit the outlet.

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