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Guillain Barre syndrome

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basketball-league-table-nba,Guillain Barre syndrome symptoms can range from weakness or tingling in your arms and legs to difficulty in walking. While it usually starts from in the legs and arms, it can spread to the face. The neurological complications can cause impairments in speech, chewing, swallowing, or controlling your bladder or bowels. As per the WHO, in 20%–30 % of people, the chest muscles are affected, making it hard to breathe. An early Guillain Barre syndrome diagnosis will help in reducing the chances of mortality hence is recommended to approach your local doctor if you feel any of the symptoms after your COVID-19 vaccination. 


While Guillain-Barré syndrome is potentially life-threatening, most people recover fully from even the most severe cases. In some rare situations, however, the condition can result in near-total paralysis. According to the World Health Organisation, Guillain Barre syndrome treatment includes supportive care and some immunological therapies. Only 3%–5% of Guillain-Barré syndrome patients die from complications that range from paralysis to blood infection, lung clots, or cardiac arrest.,basketball-dribbling-lesson-plans-elementary

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