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Rice dishes

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Rice is one of the world's staples. From India to Japan and Bangladesh to Brazil, a plate of rice is the very definition of a meal for nearly half of the world's population. But does everyone eat it in the same way? Well, as it turns out, the answer is 'no'. A meme question on social media and assorted responses to it have put things into perspective.

Believed to have first been harvested around 10,000 years ago, rice has come to provide an estimated 1/5th of the daily human calorific requirement. Its ubiquity is such that there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of ways in which it is consumed - boiled & steamed for breakfasts, lunches & dinners, processed in different ways for all kinds of snacks, and more. There's no end to the potential for rice as a pairing or base for all manner of delicious preparations.


basketball-class-lesson,Clearly knowing just how big of a conversation could be triggered over a question about rice, a viral meme currently doing the rounds on Instagram has put up a simple query to netizens. It shows a plate of plain boiled rice with a simple question - 'You can add 2 things to this plate of simple rice, name them.'

handball-deutschland-kroatien-youtube,Had this question only been asked of people residing in the Indian subcontinent, the answers would still have been very interesting to see. Extending it to countries all over the globe, however, also gives a sense of what we here may be missing out on. 


cricket-rules,While one person named Devyani Kulkarni, seemingly from these parts, suggests a well-known answer of 'daal and ghee', things don't take long to get exotic. Kaycreative's preference is for 'Soy sauce and veggies'. An account by the name _shraddhhaa injects a little more Indian-ness to matters, also suggesting dal but adding Chicken. Her prefererence is 'Yellow dal and butter chicken'.

formula-1-tv,Very quickly, matters escalate. The next three answers are - 'Teriyaki Sauce and steamed broccoli', 'fried egg and soy sauce', and 'Kimchi, pork stir fry', seemingly suggesting a south-east asian slant. 'Mushrooms and onions' is the next order before 'Chicken curry' enters the fray, each answer garners its own set of reactions. A south american option turns up next - 'Fried eggs and beans' - followed by a joke(?): 'Ketchup and air'.

A humble 'Salt and butter' option one would think goes better with popcorn is next up, followed by delicious sounding 'sambhar + fish fry' and 'Ghee and Podi'. A millennial staple then enters the fray - Avocado. One person suggests 'avocado and lime' (with a heart-eyed emoji) while another says 'Some seaweed and avocado', before matters return to the subcontinent with 'rice + curd'.,tennis-bag-canadian-tire

Here are some more that may pique your interests:,tennis-drills-to-improve-serve

  • 'Okra and shrimp'
  • 'Chicken and honey soy garlic sauce'
  • 'Rajma(red kidney beans)'
  • 'Tuna and tomato'
  • 'Mango and coconut milk'
  • 'Tofu and mix of veggies'
  • 'Butter and cinnamon sugar'
  • 'Banana and cinnamon'
  • 'Beans and kale'
  • 'Fish and garlic'
  • 'Meatballs and cheese'
  • 'Mango and sweet coconut syrup'

us-handball-team-olympics,So how do you like your rice? Let us know in the comments


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